Average Costs for Bronze Sculptures

There are a lot of variables, (pose, complexity of mold, current cost of bronze) but this will give you some idea of what it costs to have an original sculpture made and bronzed.

Making a bronze sculpture is a three step process, first an artist sculpts the piece, then a mold is made, and then the final piece is cast from the mold. Each step has a cost involved. Casting and mold making can be as expensive as sculpting the original.

Of course if the artist is well established and has some name recognition, the price can be much higher.

Bust (neck up) 1500-4500
Bust (w/shoulders) 3000-8000
4" or smaller 500-750
12" figure 1200-1750
24" figure (simple) 2100-5000
36" figure (simple) 2500-9000
36" figure (complex) 5000-12000
6 ft. man (simple) 20000-35000
5 ft. female (simple) 20000-30000
6 ft. man (complex) 30000-50000
5 ft. female (complex) 30000-50000